As the temperature drops the lakes and rivers start to freeze over, one thing you’ll need to make certain of and that is your roofing condition. A problem that happens in the winter with your roof can be exaggerated simply because of the weather. There are some problems that can happen with your roofing that can cause all sorts of problems and if your roof isn’t ready for the winter you may have a roof leak develop. Let Troy Roofing Pros secure your roof today and repair any problems you may be having with your roofing. 

Is Your Roof Ready for Winter? Let Troy Roofing Pros Help

During the winter here in Troy Michigan the temperatures can reach the extremes at night especially. If your home has a roofing problem that freezing temperature could start compounding the problems quickly. Things such as clogged gutters may be an easy fix in the summer but during winter when ice forms and starts to build up on the edges of your eaves you can start having problems. I’ll go over some of the problems that a home owner will need to be aware of for the winter months here in Troy Michigan.

Is Your Roof Ready for Winter? Let Troy Roofing Pros Help

Potential Problems During the Winter Months

While rain falling on the roof is usually swept away and down into the gutter during summer months that may not happen in the winter months. Snow buildup on the roof may hold moisture against the roof and if your roof isn’t properly ventilated it may cause a problem. The snow may also melt underneath and if there is a roof leak it allows more and more water to leak into the home almost like a continuous rain storm.

While snow can be a problem, there is also a problem with ice. On the edges of the eaves of your home when ice builds up basically if forms a barrier that doesn’t let any water pass through. This is known as an ice dam and if your home doesn’t have ice dam protection this can be a big problem. Ice dams can occur for a variety of reasons and allow water to basically back up into the home. It can damage ares of the attic, exterior walls, and more. Make sure your home has ice dam protection.

Another problem that happens in winter is the shingles on your home become much more brittle. They are not as flexible as they are during higher temperatures. This means that if high winds occur it can break the shingles more easily during winter months. Although high winds associated with storms are more of a summertime occurrence it can certainly be possible in the winter as well.

Can I Have a Roof Installed During Winter in Troy Michigan?

One of the problems that happens during installation of asphalt shingles during winter is the temperature is simply not high enough for the shingles to properly seal to each other. As the asphalt shingles lay on the roof they have adhesive strips that stick them together. Having a week or more of temperatures above 40 degrees Fahrenheit is best for this to take place which is why replacing your roof in the winter is usually not advised. However, once the temperatures warm in the spring the seal will take place and the roof should hold up. In cases where you absolutely must have a new roof installed you can have the roof installed in winter but it’s less common.

Getting a Roof Inspection Done on Your Home

In order to know what shape your roof is in you’ll need to have a qualified roofing professional do a roof inspection on your home. During a roof inspection a qualified roofer will inspect your roof looking for potential problems that may be happening. This can stop many of the problems that might show up in winter. Plus, the roofer will check other items as well including any skylights or other roof penetrations you have to ensure they are properly sealed.

Call Troy Roofing Pros Today for Your Roofing Needs

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Is Your Roof Ready for Winter? Let Troy Roofing Pros Help

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