Many home owners don’t have any idea of the condition of their home’s roof. There are many factors that affect how well a roof holds up over time and even how long it lasts. And when it’s time to get a new roof in Troy Michigan we can help but we wanted to first help you determine if you actually need a new roof installation in Troy Michigan or just a roof repair done to solve the problem with your home’s roof. 

Determining if You Need a New Roof in Troy Michigan Made Easy

One of the biggest factors when it comes to getting a new roof or not besides the current condition of the roof is the age of the roof. Homes that have a roof that is 20 or more years old likely need a new roof installed. Although many of the asphalt shingles that are available today have longer warranties such as 50 years or more. If your home’s roof is more than 20 years old it’s likely starting to show signs of wear.

Get a Roofing Inspection Done on Your Home

You can determine what condition the roofing material is in by getting a roof inspection if you’re uncertain. At Troy Roofing Pros we can inspect your home’s roof and give you recommendations on what you should do and if a new roof installation is necessary for your home. We are the top roofing contractor in Troy Michigan and we’d be glad to speak with you about your roofing needs in Troy Michigan.

Determining if You Need a New Roof in Troy Michigan Made Easy

When you get a new roof installation in Troy Michigan there are a few choices you’ll need to consider beforehand. The first is the roofing material that is used in the roof replacement. At Troy Roofing Pros we have experts in all the latest and most popular roofing systems including asphalt shingles and metal roofing systems. The most popular roofing system in Troy Michigan and surrounding areas is asphalt shingles. Troy Roofing Pros can help you find the perfect roofing style, color, and material to make sure your roof turns out looking great and performing the way it should.

More Choices to Consider When Getting a New Roof Installation in Troy Michigan

When you get a new roof installed on your own house you’ll have the options of choosing the type of roofing material. Some roofing materials can last 50 years or more as I said before. There are asphalt shingle roofing systems, and are covered by the full guarantee. However, if you’re looking for more of a roofing system on a budget there are also options available that are more efficient but are still covered by a warranty that is great. Even a 20 year guarantee usually covers low grade asphalt shingles that were economical. The option is up to your roofing material that is nonetheless for the home. We can guide you on the different roofing systems which are available and give you the cost difference with each one when you call Troy Roofing Pros. This enables you to make a much better option for your roofing system.

Should You Remove Your Old Roof?

One question that you may be asked when getting a new roof installation in Troy Michigan is whether you want to remove the old roof or not. Removing the old roof is called a tear off installation. Tear off installations are usually more expensive because they require more work to be done on the roof. The other option is to re-roof the home. When a home is re-roofed it has new asphalt shingles layered on top of the old shingles. This eliminates some of the labor charges and means there will be much less debris to be removed. Re-roofing a home is less expensive but only 2 layers of shingles can be added to the home. If you currently have two layers of shingles installed on your home you’ll need to get a full tear off and installation done on your home’s roof.

How Long Does a Roof Replacement Actually Take?

Lots of people wonder about the time frame that the new roof installation will take. For an average sized home in Troy Michigan you can expect a turn around time of less than three days on your home’s roof. For smaller homes in the Troy Michigan area the time frame can be as little as a full day. When you get a free roof estimate from Troy Roofing Pros you can better determine how long the new roof installation will take.

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Determining if You Need a New Roof in Troy Michigan Made Easy

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