Sitting at home and relaxing in front of a nice fireplace on those chilly Michigan nights can really take away the worries of the day. Unfortunately, sometimes chimneys can start to leak and cause all sorts of damage, sometimes without the home owner even realizing it’s happening. If you suspect your chimney is leaking then you’ll need chimney repair in Troy Michigan as soon as possible to avoid any more damage to your home.

Chimney Repair in Troy Michigan

Troy Michigan Chimney Repair

Many home owners who have chimneys in their homes don’t realize just how much damage can occur when a chimney starts to leak. And the longer the leak is present the more damage that can occur and cause more problems for the home owner. Fortunately, at Troy Roofing Pros we can help with your leaking chimney and make sure it’s sealed properly so that it doesn’t leak any more. We offer some of the best chimney repair in Troy Michigan and surrounding areas and would love to take care of your chimney problems.

What Happens When a Chimney Starts to Leak?

Usually when a chimney starts to leak in the winter there is less indication if the chimney is used a lot. The heat from the chimney will help to dry some of the moisture from the leak. Unfortunately this is only for small leaks that only let in a few drips of water come in. Most leaks are not this small and will ultimately cause damage to your home.

When a leak in your chimney occurs it’s because the seal around the chimney is failing for some reason. This is the most common chimney repair in Troy Michigan we deal with and the solution is only a small repair that can be done in a day or less in most cases. But this leak can cause all sorts of problems if it’s not repaired correctly. Here are just a few things that can happen if your chimney starts to leak and you need chimney repair in Troy Michigan.

Damaged Walls and Ceilings Can Occur

When water starts entering the home at areas that aren’t made to withstand them you’ll have problems with them. The water can damage drywall and moldings on the wall the first time it comes in contact with water. Most homes will have a brown discoloration with the water damage that will appear on the ceiling and also on the walls. If the leak continues then the drywall will usually fall down and expose all the insulation and other areas of your home.

Chimney Repair in Troy Michigan

Electrical Connections Could Be Damaged

I’m sure you’ve always heard that water and electricity don’t mix. When a leak occurs around your chimney that water could travel to areas of your home that have electrical connections and outlets. Once water starts getting in these outlets and such it could cause an electrical short which can cause all sorts of problems even a fire in your home.

Mold Could Grow in Your Home

Persistent water in an area of your home and that stays damp will allow for mold growth in your home. Mold will need a moist area to grow and a leaking chimney could give it just the moisture it needs in order to start growing in your home. This may occur in an area of your home that isn’t directly viewable from the interior as well such as an attic. The leak may occur and only affect the attic area giving the mold a prime environment to grow and spread.

Structural Damage to Your Home

In some cases the leak in your home’s chimney could cause structural damage to the home. When a leak occurs and it’s not fixed you introduce an entire new problem to your home. Water can damage wood over time and if the water is in structural areas of your home it will need to be fixed. If the leak isn’t fixed the water could damage structural areas and cause all sorts of problems.

Do you think your chimney is leaking or has it been a long time since it was last inspected? If you’re in need of chimney repair in Troy Michigan then be sure to call Troy Roofing Pros today. We offer chimney repair in Troy Michigan at great prices and can repair yours today.

Chimney Repair in Troy Michigan

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